Welcome to the Pan Asian Council. Pan Asian Council is one of the newest councils created to serve and advocate for the Asian community on campus. 

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Diversity Councils' Joint Open Letter to President Harreld and Top Administration 

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** This open letter is written, delivered, and published jointly by all the Diversity Councils. Our coalition is rooted through collaboration and communal, horizontal leadership. As such, this letter stands on its own: we have no spokespeople for the document and we will not be doing individual interviews with the press. Because of our commitment to open dialogue and transparency, we will post relevant communication from the letter recipients as well as our own replies or follow-ups that we may subsequently write. All inquiries can be directed to Diversity-Councils@uiowa.edu **

Pan Asian Council Statement on COVID-19

The United States now leads the world in confirmed cases of COVID-19, rising to the top of the chart at an unprecedented rate of viral transmission. The pandemic has instilled social and economic anxiety as it manifests hot spots of infection across the nation. The Pan Asian Council (PAC) recognizes that as fears and tensions rise around the global pandemic, so too does anti-Asian discrimination fester in our communities. Dedicated to addressing and advocating for the diverse needs of the numerous Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Indigenous communities at the University of Iowa, we acknowledge that racist sentiments have directly affected our members. We condemn anti-Asian bigotry, recognizing that xenophobia often disguises itself as a sensible reaction to crisis. We unequivocally reject: the racialization of the COVID-19 pandemic; the framing of COVID-19 as a wartime attack from foreign lands into our national borders; and the prescribing or associating of a nationality to the virus and disease, which only works to confirm that nationality as the viral disease.

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Signatures in Solidarity

If you would like to publicly commit to rejecting racist acts and attitudes instigated by fears and misinformation about COVID-19 toward any community, we welcome you to fill out this formWe will publish the names of people, academic departments, offices, or other campus units every few days as this form populates.

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We Want to Hear From You! 

We would love your input on what you hope to see from the Pan Asian Council. Please take some time to fill out a survey to let us know: https://bit.ly/321IO2Z. If you have any questions, please contact ui-panasiancouncil@uiowa.edu. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pan Asian Council focuses on the support and engagement of Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, APIDA-identified faculty, staff, and graduate students on campus.

We welcome all individuals whose goal is to uplift and advocate for our voices.

Come to community events and working meetings!

For spring 2020, the Pan Asian Council plans to have initial gathering as well as some working meeting. We would also love to have your input on what do you hope to see from the Pan Asian Council. Please use the comment box to submit your idea or talk to one of the active members at gathering!